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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Learn more about iConsult University and how it can help you take your business to the next level. Have a question and don’t see the answer below? Drop us a line using the contact form! We’d Love to hear from you.

Iconsultuniversity is for the busy, motivated, driven and self-starting producers that want to learn any of the topics we address here from any device, at any time. We know that we have a proven system because each of the collaborators agree that we would learn best if we were taught what we know now and in the order we could have learned it. We have created this platform with specific intent to shorten your learning curve and get you producing fast.  Our goal is over the next year to provide you with an education that most don’t have in each of these disciplines. We know the content will change as does the industry. We feel that this will be the community in which we all go to in order to gain appropriate, time tested, and crucial knowledge to change and continue to press forward toward the dreams of your tomorrow.

We all know that the top performers are either too busy to train or too scared of increasing their competition. Why learn from second rate preformers when you can learn from those who are already at the top of their field.

At iConsult University we are always adding new material. If you’re looking for something specific that we don’t currently offer please let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

You maintain access as long as your subscription is active.

We highly recommend it. This allows each member of your team to track their progress and receive credit for completing each course.

Currently the courses are not available for CE, but they plan to be.

Absolutely. Sign up for as many courses as you like!

Obviously if you are navigating the website you are looking to educate yourself by investing in yourself. However, for the amount that any of the collaborators would charge on an hourly basis, you are getting key information at a fraction of the cost of a one on one consultation with a top leader in the field. We also bring in top collaborators to help train as we know that no one knows it all and the industry keeps changing. We feel that these values by far outweigh the price of the investment. Not to mention, you have access to our company through discussion, forums, email, and phone to make recommendations and requested content and topics. You will also find that even if you paid for all the subscriptions for the year, the content you will achieve will cost less and provide more than most if not all venues you could purchase elsewhere. At the discount of 10% per module all current 5 courses for a year are $1620. We believe you would be hard pressed to gather this type of content in the next year of your life from top performers and at this price over this many disciplines.

Yes, we have opened up free content on the course page for you to be able to sneak a peek into the subscriptions.

We have found that this process works just like the school you many have attended. If we opened up everything immediately it would be like drinking from a fire hose of decades of performance and accumulation. As you process the information and achieve weekly completion you are more motivated to attain the knowledge to move on. Also, we have found that through the videos, slides, downloads, and quizzes that we provide you should have a weeks’ worth of study whether you are on the subscription live or doing research, asking discussion questions, or emailing us.